Good Monday morning

I spent the last week at a national Real Estate convention.  The majority of the talk was involved in what is taking place with the Real Estate market.
I can tell you in confidence that after talking to other agents from almost every market in this country, the Palm Springs area has clearly maintained a much healthier market.  The one thing that I can see from this is that even though we saw home prices rising in our area, we did not see the kind of housing inflation that many parts of the country saw.  Our ride down may be much more gentle as a result.  Time will tell the story here.

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Mortgage Market update!

The Labor Department's Jobs Report came in much worse than analysts expected, with 240,000 jobs lost in October. In addition, the Unemployment Rate jumped to its highest level since 1994. In market news, Stocks are coming off their worst back-to-back days since the 1987 Stock Market crash.  Although Stocks opened higher this morning, they could be in for more of a decline as today's poor Jobs Report sinks in.  This could create selling pressure on Stocks, which may help bonds improve.

On a positive note the Canadian dollar is still on 28-year high  and continue to improve from week to week after his fall a few weeks ago.
This confirms my forecast that the C-Dollar will improve his purchasing power over the next few weeks.

1 Canadian Dollar = 0.85579  U.S. dollars (Today)
1 Canadian Dollar = 0.83946  U.S. dollars  (Last Week)


Have a Great Week!

Rob Zwemmer