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How to fix your credit score


Are bank owned homes a bargain ?

by Rob Zwemmer

Some of these homes are real values, while others are less so.

It's commonly assumed that bank owned Homes are a real steal and one should run out blindly and buy it, but that's not always the case. Although it's true that banks are motivated to get these homes off their books, they treat each transaction like a business and do their best to minimize their losses. When considering buying a Bank Owned Homes for Sale ! home, you need to be as prudent as you would be in any big purchase.  Be sure to check comparable homes for sale and make sure you are getting a good buy.

We run comparable reports for our buyers before they make an offer.  Remember, our services are free to buyers since the seller pays our fee.  Contact me and let me know how I can be of service.


Are bank owned Homes a bargain ?
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Palm Springs Real Estate Podcast - Aug. 2009

by Rob Zwemmer

Palm Springs Real Estate podcast - Aug. 2009


by Rob Zwemmer
"No matter where you go, there you are."
~ Unknown


Ever felt crippled by fear? Perhaps you dread that unwanted phone call, that knock on the door, or the return of pain. What makes it worse is your imagination. Your mind conjures up all sorts of imaginary shadows on the wall or things that go bump in the night.

Remember when you were just a kid? You saw those shadows on the wall and cried out in fear. Your mom or dad came in, turned on the light, and "Voila!" - no more shadows on the wall. Simply by exposing your fear to light you learned to overcome your fear.

Now you're an adult and your fears are different, more complex, yet most are still conjured up by your imagination. Fear of the unknown holds you in its grip. Where is the light that used to save you?

The light is still there - with one difference. Now, as the adult that you are, you must be the one to turn on the light. It is up to you to expose the fear for what it usually is - a figment of your imagination. Fear is most easily overcome through exposure. Take time alone to examine your fears, determine their origin, and overcome their crippling effect on you.

If you suffer from a health problem, get a diagnosis and begin a treatment plan. If creditors are calling, face them, and then determine how you allowed yourself into the present situation. If sales are down, adjust your marketing approach.

It takes faith on your part to know you have the power to overcome your fears. Hence another quote: "Fear knocked at the door. Faith answered. No one was there."

Welcome to the bottom of the market !

by Rob Zwemmer



Monday, August 3, 2009


By Rob Zwemmer



Good Monday Morning

108°F | 80°F


Welcome to the bottom of the market !


As the temperatures are going up, so are the residential sales and the median home prices.


As expected this summer will be the bottom of the market here in the Palm Springs area. Residential Inventory in the Palm Springs area is down to just over 5000 units. Taking that number and dividing by the 850 closed sales for June,….shows an inventory of 5.9 months…. A number that most would suggest is reaching a neutral market.


What else do we see ?


·        Existing home sales rose 43 percent from June 2008.

·        The median home price came off the $180,000 shelf, clocking in at $191,250.

·        The highest-priced property out of the 850 sales fetched $2.9 million.



With the Canadian dollar making its come-back , low interest rates and great tax incentives for first time homebuyers, there has not been a better time to buy.


There are still deals to be made! Don’t miss the opportunity this time !




Here is an article that was published yesterday by the Desert Sun:


Welcome to the bottom: Housing begins rebound

by :  The Desert Sun   Published Sunday August 2 ,  2009




 Palm Springs Area Mortgage Market update!


Mortgage Rates                  Today +/- Last Week 
 30 yr fixed mtg                    5.33%      5.42%
 15 yr fixed mtg                    4.81%      4.90%
 30 yr fixed jumbo mtg       6.26%      6.40%
 5/1 ARM                                4.59%      4.42%


1 Canadian dollar = 0.92687 U.S. dollars



E-mail me with any questions you might have


Have An Awesome Week!

Rob Zwemmer





Welcome to the bottom: Housing begins rebound

by Rob Zwemmer

By :  The desert Sun   Published Sunday August 2 ,  2009

Welcome to the bottom: Housing begins rebound

The Coachella Valley had the strongest month in Real Estate in June in eight months, with a 23 percent hike in sales.

The median price came off the $180,000 shelf, clocking in at $191,250.

There was a $2.1 million new construction home sale that was put on the books.

And the housing unit sales count topped 1,000 — a first in more than a year.

New figures released by MDA DataQuick offered a hint that the market is either at the bottom or is stabilizing. It's possible it could be trending up.

The last Real Estate market high for the Coachella Valley came in October 2008 when home, condo and new construction sales rose nearly 32 percent with 853 all-combined sales. In June, DataQuick reported 1,011 total sales across the Coachella Valley.

“I think the early indication is prices are stabilizing, and the market is in an improvement mode,'' said Greg Berkemer, executive director of the California Desert Association of Realtors. “If it continues to repeat over the next few months, at some point we may be able to point back and say, whoop, there was the bottom.”

Interest rates are still in a good range.

Though banks are tougher on underwriting, buyers seem to be resigned to the rigors involved. The market has absorbed price reductions, and Berkemer said buyers are getting the picture that now may not be the time to hang around and wait for a big drop in price.

“It's find what you want and get moving,'' he said.

DataQuick's report for June noted that:

• Existing home sales rose 43 percent from June 2008.

The highest-priced property out of the 719 sales fetched $2.9 million. The median price in the existing home category was $167,000.

• Condo resales, with a median price in the $237,250 range, were up 14.4 percent with 199 transactions.

• New construction sales fell 35.4 percent, but 93 home sales were recorded. The median price, $249,500.

Cities posting the strongest sales gains were in areas that have been described, as late, as an investor or first-time home buyers' dream.

Spots tend to be hardest hit by the housing downturn and rising unemployment.

That's causing prices in upscale areas to feel the pinch. While sales in one ZIP code of Desert Hot Springs have surged 650 percent, for instance, double-digit home pricing declines are being noted in upper-middle class sections and in small, upscale communities like Indian Wells.

“The first beneficiaries of this market improvement is the lower price properties,'' said Berkemer, for a couple reasons. There are more of them. That, and the best programs in home purchases still remain for the first-time buyer.

A state tax credit also helped spur new-construction home sales. Though the percentage of new construction home sales is down year-over-year, the number of 2009 sales through June — 364 — has been rising month-by-month. There were 93 sales in June; 60 in May, 48 in April, 76 in March and 48 in February. That's two-and-half times the number of sales in January, 39.


“This is the market buyers have been waiting for for 10 years.''


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