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Fire Pits - Which One's Right for You?

by Rob Zwemmer

Whether you are searching for an illuminating accent to add ambiance to your pool parties, or a functioning hotdog or marshmallow roaster on cool winter nights, a fire pit adds distinctive form and function to a backyard. There are several sizes and types to consider.

Fuel Fire Pits. These are fueled by either wood or gas (either propane or natural gas). A fire pit fueled by gas is easier to maintain and is clean burning. There are no ashes or clean-up needed and start-up is instantaneous. Wood-burning types require more maintenance and you always have to stock-up on firewood. The firewood should be cut and split to the proper size to safely be contained within your fire pit. Store it in a dry place. Gas fire is warm but lacks the smell and sound of a wood fire.

Portable or Fixed Fire Pits. Some fire pits are truly portable, with lightweight fire bowls that can be picked up and placed anywhere around the property—some are designed with wheels, like a charcoal grill. Table-style models are available in many styles, shapes and colors, made of stainless steel, wrought iron, bronze or copper. These are great for generating warmth right at the table, while adding flair and atmosphere. Fixed fire pits are usually constructed with bricks or stone as part of the backyard pool and spa arrangement, hooked up to a natural gas line, or designed to burn wood.

Safety first. Always be methodical when selecting the location of your fire pit. Never have it situated close to the house or other structures including wooden decks. Be aware of hanging tree limbs overhead, and remember to clear any dry grass or foliage from the fire pit area. The ideal placement of a fire pit is on a concrete pad or patio.

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How Mello Roos Works

by Rob Zwemmer

How Mello Roos Works

You’ve undoubtedly heard the term Mello-Roos mentioned when searching for a new home. Here’s what it is and how it works. Mello-Roos is a method of financing government entities, such as cities, counties, school districts and other special districts, to fund the cost of public improvements. When purchasing a new home, monthly payments will be made up of principal, interest, real property taxes and insurance. As a real property owner in a Mello-Roos district area, a special tax will be imposed to subsidize the public improvements of streets, water, drainage and sewage, parks and police protection. The types of improvements which can be funded by a CFD (Communities Facilities District) are much broader that the type of improvements which can be funded by traditional assessment districts. The tax you pay is used to make payments of principal and interest on the bonds set forth to finance these improvements. When purchasing a home in a subdivision within a Community Facilities District, you can expect to be assessed for a Mello-Roos tax which typically is collected on your general property tax bill. These special tax payments are subject to the same penalties that apply to regular property taxes. Most special taxes levied on properties within these districts have been structured on the basis of density of development, square footage of construction, or flat acreage charges. The amount of tax may vary from year to year, and may never exceed the maximum amount specified when the district was created. The special tax is a lien on your property, and recorded as a “Notice of Special Tax Lien”, a continuing lien to secure each levy of the special tax.

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365 Things to Do in Palm Springs - Coachella Valley Preserve

by Rob Zwemmer

365 Things to do in the Palm Springs

Coachella Valley Preserve

This 17,000-acre Preserve site is located 10 miles east of Palm Springs, home of the fringe-toed lizard, a creature you won’t find anywhere else in the world. The beautiful Thousand Palm Oasis is located here, sustained only by water that seeps from the San Andreas Fault. Other Palm Oases include the Willis, Hidden Horseshoe and Indian Palms. Located in the very center of the Preserve are Paul Wilhelm Grove and the visitor’s center. There are a number of picturesque hiking trails to enjoy from medium to very challenging. The Pushwalla Palms trail offers the most strenuous of the hikes to under take, but it’s worth it, leading you through the San Andreas Fault system. Willis Palm Trail is an easy, but lengthy 4- to 5-mile hike leading to a flourishing palm oasis. The McCallum Trail is a wonderful hiking experience, meandering through the Coachella Valley Preserve. The Hidden Palms trail is approximately 3 to 5 miles long, depending on the route taken, with the reward of a picture postcard-perfect view of a spectacular oasis and the Coachella Valley. To reach the Coachella Valley Preserve, take I-10 to the Ramon Road exit, turn left and follow Ramon, then make a left on Thousand Palms Road. The visitor’s center entrance is about 2 miles down on the left. Stop in for a hiker’s guide to the Preserve and obtain information about the area’s history and all of the plants and wildlife you will encounter during your visit.  Coachella Valley Preserve

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Mountain View Country Club

by Rob Zwemmer
Mountain_View_CC - Available vs Pending Listings
Mountain_View_CC - Sold vs Expired Listings
Mountain_View_CC - Sold vs Active DOM
Mountain_View_CC - Avg Sold Prices (last 6 mos.)
Mountain_View_CC - Avg Sold DOM (last 6 mos.)

Palm Springs Market Report - January 2012

by Rob Zwemmer
Palm_Springs_Market_Report - Available vs Pending Listings
Palm_Springs_Market_Report - Sold vs Expired Listings
Palm_Springs_Market_Report - Sold vs Active DOM
Palm_Springs_Market_Report - Avg Sold Prices (last 6 mos.)
Palm_Springs_Market_Report - Avg Sold DOM (last 6 mos.)


This Month in Real Estate - January 2012

by Rob Zwemmer

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