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Rancho Mirage - Video

by Rob Zwemmer


Nicknamed "the playground of the presidents," Rancho Mirage — the valley's geographic center — is a showcase of lavish country club homes, fairway condominiums, and lushly landscaped, pristine avenues.

The upscale resort lifestyle defines the Rancho Mirage experience today, largely centered on the favored pastime of golf. Notables of the sports world such as Pete Dye, Arnold Palmer and Pete Robinson designed many of the courses that host renowned golf tournaments each year. Leisure-time activities and community events are seemingly endless. The Children's Discovery Museum of the Desert supplies inventive and interactive programs and exhibits for children of all age groups. The River is a popular "hot spot" that attracts crowds from all around the valley. With a diverse mix of upscale shops, galleries, movie theaters, restaurants, outdoor concerts and art shows, it is the place to enjoy an afternoon of leisure shopping or a "night on the town."

The city takes great pride in the preservation of the native bighorn sheep that reside at the foot of the Santa Rosa Mountains, using it as the official symbol of the city. With the abundance of cultural, outdoor and community activities, it is easy to cultivate an active, affluent lifestyle.

Rob Zwemmer
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365 Things to Do in Palm Springs - Old Spaghetti Factory

by Rob Zwemmer

365 Things to Do in Palm Springs

The Old Spaghetti Factory


It started back in 1969 and quickly spread to various locations around California, and then throughout US. Now we can boast the Old Spaghetti Factory as one of our own. Located at the old Bing Crosby restaurant site on Hwy 111 in Rancho Mirage, the property has been transformed with the unique Victorian furnishings that helped make the Old Spaghetti Factory famous— from carved queen bed headboards fashioned into booths to an actual cable car that you can sit in while dining. Just like it sounds, spaghetti is the main attraction, but many opt for their fresh entrée salads (you have to try the chicken Caesar) or the delectable chicken marsala or spinach and cheese ravioli…to name a few. Appetizers include irresistible selections such as Sicilian garlic cheese bread served with a side of marinara sauce for dipping, toasted cheese ravioli and fried zucchini. Signature Selections are garlic mizithra chicken penne, garlic shrimp fettuccini, gourmet jumbo crab ravioli, and during the dinner hour a scrumptious baked chicken dinner. You’ll find all the classics including pasta with Sicilian meatballs, white clam sauce, Italian sausage, mushroom sauce and the special pot pourri, a sampler of Mizithra cheese and browned butter, meat, clam and marinara sauces creating a real medley of flavors. Factory platters are available when you’re really hungry with two different entrees combined. The list goes on at the Old Spaghetti Factory from lasagna to spinach tortellini, so you won’t know what to choose. When you’re ready for dessert the list is short and to the point… mud pie or chocolate mousse cake, which you will probably have to take home for later. The Old Spaghetti Factory is open for lunch or dinner, so you can satisfy your cravings for fine Italian food almost any time of the day. Senior and kids’ specialty menus are available as well as gluten-free pasta.

The Key to a Great Neighborhood

by Rob Zwemmer

The Key to a Great Neighborhood

Having a good neighbor begins with being a good neighbor yourself. With our busy schedules, and with social time being spent more and more on the Internet, we sometimes forget about interacting with the people that live around us; the people that comprise and share our community. You may know their names, their children’s names and where they work; you may know them just by a quick nod or wave each day; or maybe they are just strangers that never make eye contact. The people that form our neighborhoods have the potential to become one of the most important social networks we have. Consider investing the time to get to know the folks next door and across the street and develop a rapport of friendship and a reliable support system. We have all heard the horror stories about people feuding with their neighbors because music was too loud or an overgrown tree was encroaching on their property. It’s important to keep a friendly demeanor when addressing your neighbors, even if it’s 1 a.m. and they are keeping you up with an all-night party. By establishing a neighborly rapport it’s easier to resolve differences when they arise.  Communicating with those around us enhances our lifestyles and builds a culture of mutual respect and promotes “watching out for one another”. One of the best forms of maintaining a safe neighborhood is a group of close-knit neighbors. Offer to pick-up the mail and newspapers when someone’s on vacation, omitting any potential for burglary or malicious mischief. Networking with your neighbors can be invaluable. You may need recommendations and references for reliable services, and they might just happen to have the best pool technician or housekeeper in town. For families with kids, it is particularly important; knowing the other parents in the community helps you to better train your children in understanding “stranger danger” and who they can trust if help is ever needed. Block parties are also a great way to get acquainted and build relationships that lead to a harmonious coexistence. Have good neighbors by being a good neighbor.

Rob Zwemmer and Associates have listings in wonderful communities throughout the valley. Call us and let’s find you the perfect place to call home.

365 Things to Do In Palm Springs

Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert      

Come to the enchanting destination where learning can be fun! Children’s Discovery

Museum encourages children to learn more about themselves and the world around them through comprehensive exploration of the natural environment and their own community. There are over 50 exhibits that children can interact with; a hands-on experience to intellectually inspire and tap directly into their own curiosities. A visit to the Children’s Discovery Museum can help the parent understand where their children’s natural interests and abilities may lie. There are interesting science exhibits to experience including a Star Tracer, the Human Skeleton, Magnet Wall and Table. Physical exhibits include a Rock Climb, Rope Maze and Pull Yourself up Pulleys. Children can examine the “How Things Work Exhibit” with a Gravity Ball Fall, Gear Wall and Roller Coaster Ball Fall. Localized interest includes sharing life experiences, and an overview of our Coachella Valley history, and the many diverse cultures that come together to enrich our lifestyles. There are numerous exhibits and activities to captivate youngsters of all ages. Various family-time programs are available for toddlers, birthday celebrations with the Museum, camp programs, “Family Festivals”, and more. Explore and Discover as a family at the Children’s Discovery Museum of the Desert. Call for more information: 760-321-0602

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