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Video Presentation: History of the Coachella Valley

by Rob Zwemmer

The History of Palm Springs

by Rob Zwemmer

Palm Springs Among Nominees for Best Golf Destinations

by Rob Zwemmer

Click on link to view story from Palm Springs Life.

Palm Springs - One of the Friendliest!

by Rob Zwemmer

Palm Springs was recently named the 4th Friendliest Small City in the Nation!

The list was created by Movato, an online Real Estate brokerage based in San Mateo, CA. It compiled and examined info of 100 cities with under 50,000 in population and ranked them based on crime, charity, gift stores, etc.

Movato looked at seven measurable criteria to create the list of Friendliest Smaller Cities:

    * Violent crime rate
    * Percent of income given to charity
    * Flower & gift stores per capita
    * Card & stationery stores per capita
    * Bars per capita (Palm Springs took first in this category, one bar for every 792 residents)
    * Farmers' markets per capita
    * Religious organizations per capita
    * Facebook "Likes"

The Top Ten Friendliest Small Cities:

1.  San Luis Obispo, CA
2.  Charlottesville, VA
3.  Olympia, WA
4.  Palm Springs, CA
5.  Harrisburg, PA
6.  Littleton, CO
7.  Joplin, MO
8.  Grapevine, TX
9.  Galveston, TX
10. Coral Gables, FL

365 Things to Do in Palm Springs

Dog Spa Resort & Wellness Center

You and your best friend have a destination… an experience waiting to enjoy at the Dog Spa Resort and Wellness Center in Desert Hot Springs. Nestled in the city known for its natural hot mineral spring water, this getaway retreat offers a perfect weekend to relax and spend quality time together. The beautifully landscaped grounds provide the backdrop for those seeking a healthier lifestyle and the time to rejuvenate. It is an intimate spot with just eight cozy rooms with beautiful views of the natural desert that surrounds the property. Each room has an adjoining café kitchen and French doors that open up to a secluded pool and spa. A private dog park and a campsite fire pit is ablaze to add ambiance to nights under the stars. When the human members of the party want to go out for a tour of Palm Springs, a pet nanny is available to keep your dog company.

Learn a lot about healthier living and how to maintain general wellness for you and your dog. Pet health and wellness consultations are offered by holistic veterinarian, Paul Terifaj, DVM. A 45-minute pet health consultation includes a review of your pet’s medical records, a physical exam, an overview of diet and recommendations to improve general health with use of supplements, etc. You can tap into your own body’s natural healing abilities by learning more about eating whole foods and the benefit of natural supplements in a diet. All of the benefits of a naturally healthy lifestyle are covered.

For more info, call the Dog Spa Resort and Wellness Center at: 760-600-0246.

365 Things to Do in Palm Springs - Palm Springs Celebrity Tours

by Rob Zwemmer

365 Things to Do in Palm Springs

Palm Springs Celebrity Tours


When in Palm Springs, take the “Grand Tour” offered by Palm Springs Celebrity Tours. This wildly popular excursion takes you to the homes of your favorite Hollywood stars. Back in the day when actor Charlie Farrell started the Racquet Club with fellow actor Ralph Bellamy, Palm Springs became Hollywood’s favorite getaway destination. Marilyn Monroe was discovered at the Racquet Club, and practically every glamorous movie star you can name called it their favorite hangout. As time went on more and more stars bought homes and many retired here, including recent US presidents. Palm Springs Celebrity Tours has been in business for almost 50 years, taking pride in setting the standard of local “entertainment, enlightenment, enjoyment, education and enthusiasm”. Tours last about 2 ½ hours on a motor coach with only star-studded destinations on the GPS. You’ll visit and get to know the neighborhoods of the Old Movie Colony, Las Palmas, Racquet Club Estates and various locations they have deemed as “top secret”. Everything you ever wanted to know and more will be covered during the tour, including trivia like “Why couldn’t Frank Sinatra and Sonny Bono be buried in Palm Springs?” Trivia, answers to your burning questions, and much more will be revealed during your Palm Springs Celebrity Tour, discovering more than 50 star homes and a few rarities and oddities including the House of Wax property and the “Home in a Hole.” You’ll also be treated to the best date shake in town. The bus departs from their office on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday at 9 a.m. Hotel pick-ups/drop-offs available at Palm Springs and Cathedral City locations. Summer Hours feature tours on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at 9 a.m. Make your reservation at 760-770-2700.

Avoid Identity Theft during a Move

by Rob Zwemmer

Avoid Identity Theft during a Move

The busy season is here for the Real Estate market with people more motivated to move.
The kids are out of school and summer vacation times can be devoted to relocating. Unfortunately, it also becomes a season of increased identity theft. The risk of someone stealing your identity during a move is a result of personally identifiable information being transferred from one home to the next. Personal documents bearing sensitive information can be easily overlooked and discarded without being shredded. Keep your personal information safe and avoid scammers by following a few simple tips. First submit a change of address immediately before you begin your move. Keep an eye out for your confirmation from the post office to ensure your change has been received and will be implemented with all of the proper information. You can expect mail to arrive at your new address within 7 to 10 days after filing. Remember to always shred personal documents, never discard bank statements and other paperwork that can end up in the wrong hands and used against you. Keep an eye on your financial statements and conduct a daily review of your bank and credit cart statement activity. Do your homework before hiring a moving company. Ask for recommendations from trusted friends and secure a reputable company you can trust to handle your possessions. Check the Better Business Bureau to make sure they are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and possess a US Department of Transportation number. Keep your important documents with you during the move including wills, passports, stock certificates, etc. Be on site to supervise the move; your presence may lessen the potential for theft to occur. Several months following your move, it may be a good idea to check your credit report to ensure no suspicious activity has taken place. Make sure you are receiving all of your mail, and your creditors have implemented the change of address. Moving is an adventure, signaling a new upcoming chapter in your life, so stay safe by keeping your eyes and ears open and paying close attention to all the details.

Rob Zwemmer and Associates is here to guide and advise you after your sale or purchase, and when the moving process begins.

As Things Start to Heat Up - Conserve Water

by Rob Zwemmer

Keeping your lawn and plants healthy and green as it starts to heat up can be a challenge. It is possible to maintain a healthy lawn while conserving water. Be sure to program the timer on your automatic irrigation system for less frequent, but longer-duration watering periods. The objective is to water until right before you are seeing run-off. If plants begin to show signs of wilting, add in a special cycle for their zone specifically. Watering between the hours of 4am-8am; 8pm-1am will cut the effects of evaporation and further conserve as well. When hand-watering hanging basket plants, separate gardens, etc., use a hose equipped with a hand trigger so you can target the water right to the source, at the root system of the plants, and avoid waste. It is possible to conserve water while keeping your property looking lush and healthy even during these triple-digit days. It won’t be long and you’ll be ready to scalp your lawn starting in September, and start all over for the cooler months ahead.

For more information on Real Estate in the Palm Springs or La Quinta areas please contact us.  760-880-9996

365 Things to Do in Palm Springs - Palm Springs Air Museum

by Rob Zwemmer

365 Things To Do in Palm Springs

Palm Springs Air Museum

We are lucky to have right in our own backyard one of the world’s largest showplaces for World War II aircraft. Situated in superbly designed hangars are extensive displays of the most impressive aircraft that made it through the challenges of this world war. In addition is the Buddy Rodgers Theatre that shows daily documentaries about aviation in the military, focusing on WWII. Visitors can peruse historic artifacts and a library of 8,500 volumes related to American military history. It is an inspiring and interesting tour for people of all ages. Saturday programs offer members and visitors the opportunity to participate in the sights and sounds of World War II and later conflicts in our history. At the Palm Springs Air Museum you will view one of the world’s largest collections of flying WWII warplanes, original combat photography, large murals, artifacts and WWII uniforms. The Palm Springs Air Museum is open 7 days a week from 10am to 5pm. The aircraft is flown regularly, in conjunction with seminars and education programs. For more information, call 760-778-6262, ext. 241 or e-mail: The museum is located adjacent to the Palm Springs International Airport.

If you are thinking about purchasing or listing Real Estate for sale in Palm Springs or surrounding areas call our office at 760-880-9996/760-541-7006

365 Things to Do in Palm Springs - Palm Springs Follies

by Rob Zwemmer

365 Things to Do in Palm Springs

The Palm Springs Follies

Touted as “one of the most fun things you can do in Palm Springs”, the Palm Springs Follies is a legendary and spectacular stage show not to be missed. The performers are a line-up of multi-talented stage performers ranging in age from 56 to 86, remaining true to the spirit of 40s, 50s and 60s entertainment. It’s a show filled with music, comedy, dance and pure fun at the 30’s-era Plaza Theatre movie house.

The Follies has garnered a worldwide reputation for its excitement and glamour. Guest headliners also appear with the company from time to time; most recently Maureen McGovern and John Davidson.

The Follies began when producer, writer and television director Riff Markowitz moved to the area and needed something to fill his time. When Palm Springs city officials asked if he could find a use for the under-utilized Plaza Theatre, Markowitz was ready to start the Follies. The costumed show girls, known as the “long-legged lovelies” perform comedy acts, vaudeville routines and show-stopping finales.

To purchase tickets, call (760) 327-0225; or visit them at 128 S. Palm Canyon Drive.

If you are looking to buy or sell Real Estate in the Palm Springs area, please call our office at 760-541-7006 for answers to all your real estate questions.

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